Announcing: Iris Eve Kendrick

 photo F1B8C1DC-1330-48B1-AEB0-898A6E7561B8_zpszjkjcitx.jpg photo F5B14E61-75EF-44C9-9B5D-1AE71E9DBB1C_zpswshuxwzf.jpg photo E34187E3-5F88-4A45-8A3F-1F3D9113EB7B_zpsyforbfpb.jpg

She's been called a buttery croissant of a baby. A little irresistible and a lot of cheeks. Her brother likes to hold her while practicing his pronouns ("He's so cute!")("Anson, it's She's so cute!"). Ever likes to help out the nursery fetching diapers and ice packs for my chest (ouch!). Meanwhile, Erin steals licks of  her little sister's face and when the baby cries, Erin demands to know, in her lispy rich voice, "WHATITH THAT NOISETH?"

As for the father of this Baby Pudding, he acts as a charmer, purring her to sleep when needed and always using the quiet opportunities to tell me, "You made a good one."

As for me, I feel like I gave birth to a Queen. A royal infant. That's how this one feels.

Birth story to come. For now, icing-chest, diapering, day-sleeping and staying inside our newborn conclave as much as possible.

Thank you all for your well-wishing!

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