C. Jane Vlog: Fascinating Womanhood Documentary

Sisters Emily Fox King and Erin Fox have produced a documentary on the global success of the1963 book Fascinating Womanhood and its author Helen Andelin--a book promising a woman a more satisfying and magical marriage, a "lifelong love affair" by learning to be more childlike in your approach to romance.
Although many women haven't heard of this book today (partly due to a strong reaction from feminist groups who felt the book did more harm than good) the book has sold over two million copies and recently printed a sixth edition.
In this vlog we talk to Emily and Erin (and cute Duncan!) about their Fascinating Womanhood documentary, the legend of Helen Andelin and take a quiz to see how fascinating of a woman you are! (Spoiler: I am a VERY fascinating woman.)

Also, see here for a rough clip from the documentary including interviews by authors Joanna Brooks, Stephanie Coontz and Maxine Hanks. Also here and here for updates on the project.

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