Pink Cheeks

I woke up early to clean up the den space in our downstairs area. It was coated with Christmas after-thoughts and bread crumbs from picky eaters. As I cleaned I thought about recent readings I've had in the Book of Mormon. You know I like that book right? Not because anybody told me I should like it, but because I find it actually fascinating. It cuts through a lot of crap for me and makes things really simple.

Anyway, this post isn't about my fascination with the Book of Mormon.

This post is about those last chapters of the book when Mormon is telling his son Moroni about how wicked people have become. Like, sickening, gross, rape-torture-kill wicked. It's awful. Awful. And the moral is (again) simple: people stopped loving each other.

That's the big downfall of society: people stop loving. They stop caring about treating each others as equals. They create class systems. They support secret societies. They mock each other's ideas. They judge harshly and unfairly. The write mean comments on people's blogs.

I mean, they would've. Probably.

And so I think, what are the barriers in my life that keep me from loving, and how can I let them go? And one thing I think I could do is erase inconsiderate comments on my blog from people assuming things about my personal moral standings before God. Because that really is between me and God. And He seems to be pretty cool with me.

Actually, I think He loves me. My cheeks are starting to get pink thinking about it.

Reading assumptions people make about my intent as a human being doesn't help me love people more. It makes me think snarky thoughts and those snarky thoughts spill into my real life so that I become snarky to the people around me. It's sorta like punishing the people I love for a comment a stranger made about my heart. Isn't that stupid?

Disagreement is one thing, but personal judgement is awful. Awful. And I know I've been guilty of doing the same thing to others. This is a good reminder to stop.

So listen, I've got to go now. I made a really great batch of cheese soup and it's time to feed the little people. It's a recipe perfect for the pickiest of eaters.

Much love.

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