Friday, January 10, 2014

C. Jane Vlog: Alice Lane Redoes The Vlog Studio & Helps Me In My Desperate Nesting Phase!

After we shot this vlog, Suzanne Hall ( senior designer at Alice Lane Home Collection) stayed up with me until midnight reworking my front room. My front room has been a frustration for me since the moment we moved into Retro House. It's a long room and I never knew how to place the couches so that intimate conversations could happen. Really, every few months I'd rearrange looking for a better situation. Then, in a couple hours time, Suzanne came in, moved my couches, swapped my rug, added a few lamps from the basement and switched my art until we were sweating and huffing. But when it was done, I stood back and looked at the space and became quite emotional. It was like someone had taken a great burden from me. Like, I had a break through after five years of therapy.

I AM A BELIEVER! Having a designer to your home to help you see your space differently is like saving your soul. It's like having a therapist make a house call. It's like discovering a new you. How far can I take this paragraph? Not far enough, believe me.

In this vlog I attempt to extract some of Suzanne's magic. She talks about the new vlogging studio and how to make over your house using stuff you already have. Then we sing the Provo High Fight Song. Because we're both Bulldogs until we die:

For reference: a shot of our vlog spot before (dull little thing):
 photo oldvlogspace_zpscd772cd7.png
Thank you team Alice Lane, we aspire to better vlogging around here because of you!

Have a happy polar-vortex weekend everybody! You can hang out with me here (if you get bored):


Carina said...

If that lamp disappears from your house one day, don't look for it at mine, mmmkay? I spied that at Alice Lane a couple months ago and I'm OBSESSED with it. GOOD JOB, SUZANNE!!

Elder Jones' Mom said...

Love it! Some people have a knack for decorating, some for performing music and some for writing. They all come together wonderfully on your little blog CJane! Happy Friday!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Clever clever. I wish I could decorate like that. Some people have the eye. I only have the eye when it looks like crap and I know I wan't to change it, I just don't know how. So excited about your vlog comeback. You crack me up.

Brendon Wayne said...

Awesome vlogs! Wish to see more of that.
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Christine said...

I would love to see pics of how your front room ended up. I too have a long front room and have never found the perfect furniture arrangement.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Oh how I wish she could come to New York and show me how to arrange my living room!!!! : )

~ Wendy

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

Went to the temple last night for the first time since our last baby (ya, it's been awhile). I may have been irreverent for a moment when I gasped and proclaimed in a whisper, "CHUP!" He did great and you have every right to be a proud wife!