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I don't want to jinx anything, but I feel the happiest I've perhaps ever felt in my entire life--because I have more to love than I've ever had.

It's Christmas!

I like my hair!

My children make me happy to be around!

I've enjoyed getting out and eating lunch with friends weekly!

I've met new friends!

My faith feels strong!

I like our family daily, weekly and monthly schedules!

I feel like I've plucked out so many thoughts that were plaguing me!

I like my new church calling!

I love many, many people!

I feel loved!

I have had exciting opportunities lately!

I have had fun, genuine fun, in my life!

I love the snow and ice and frigid temps!

I enjoy writing and I look forward to new projects!

I'm grateful for a wardrobe ready for an expanding belly!

I feel like I'm in a place to give!

Not one thing is perfect, and I'm at peace with that!

Except maybe my baby Erin, she's pretty perfect!

Chup is a patient, God-loving, clever man and he likes me most of the time!

All of this and...a baby coming in a few months!


Just for this afternoon, I want to bask in some appreciation of this life I'm leading.

And if tomorrow I don't post because I've been hit by a bus, at least I let the world know I had a great moment there on December 16, 2013 at 5:54pm.

*photo of me and Amy Hackworth (due on the same day!) by Justin Hackworth at the  Freshly Picked Lumberjack Glam Dance Party last week.

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