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It's that time of year where we go all out and show appreciation for those we love right? Well, in that spirit I would like to go all out and thank Chup's chiropractor Dr. Ryan Beck because he saved our marriage, fixed my husband's chronic back pain, restored sanity to our home and is extra good-looking.

I'm not saying most chiropractors are ugly, but it helps when the one who works on your aching neck, throbbing lower back, bulging or herniated disks looks like a super hero. Right? Let me find a photo.

 photo rywithchrisstanding_zpsb3b75719.jpg

That's Chup on the left, Dr. Ryan Beck on the right (why aren't they hugging?). Actually, they both sorta look like super heros don't they? Except, earlier this year Chup couldn't even have saved toast from burning because his back was so awful. I don't know if you follow our chronicles here at but I wrote about the time Chup's back went out and I thought he was having a heart attack? For a second I had a vision of being a thirty-something widow? You remember that time?

Anyway, it was that day Dr. Beck came into our lives and we wondered where he had been for the decades of back pain Chup had endured (not very well)(in my opinion). Every week Chup would disappear to an appointment and come home a finer specimen. And I'd ask,

"What on earth is that man doing to you?"

And Chup would say, "I thought seeing a chiropractor meant getting my back cracked but instead he uses x-rays, techniques and methods that seem..."

"Seem like what? LIKE WHAT?"

"Almost like...magic?"

And after awhile I stopped caring what was going on every week in that office, because I could tell it was working, whatever it was. And this meant a lot to me because do you live with someone who has chronic back pain? Then you know, it's not like an afternoon of slip-n-slides and Popsicles.

Chup went from having the spine of a crooked old man to a spinetastic man of twenty years his junior. By July he was like this (those are safety goggles, you can relax):
 photo null_zpsd7c387bb.jpg

Not only that, but thanks to Dr. Beck, this year Chup was able to: body surf at Dana Point, hike across Goblin Valley holding Erin (IN ONE HAND), take the kids swimming daily at our local REC Center this summer, explore the Sawtooth National Forrest with our family, move everyone in and out of our neighborhood (as Elders Quorum President)(why do people move so much?), wave dive at San Juan Cappo beach with our friends, shovel snow at the church last week and other things that have to do with our relationship that I don't feel comfortable sharing in this VERY public paragraph.

So thank you Dr. Beck. Thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping children with ear aches, colic and sensory issues. Thank you for treating the pregnant women and the senior citizens. Thank you for healing the athletes and the growing adolescents, and the people who have suffered all their lives. But most of all, thank you for helping this guy:
 photo DSC_1355_zpsed0c39a8.jpg

You really are a super hero.

See more about Dr. Beck's state-of-the-art office (uses Nucca and Atlas Orthoganal, which doesn't crack or twist the neck) or get someone a great Christmas gift, or change someone's life by going here

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