Where Are You Christmas?

I know you come to my blog for breaking news and such but today I just want to tell you that my friends the Lower Lights are putting on a Christmas concert AND will have a new Christmas cd out at the end of this week (if Christmas miracles still exist) (and they do)(because guess what?)(I HAVE EIGHT TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY TO THE SHOW!)

 photo llsn_shows_small_zps09a8a97d.jpg

So that means, we'll have four lucky winners who will win two tickets each (you pick the night!)
Here's what you have to do:
Go to my facebook page (C. JANE KENDRICK) tell me about the biggest Christmas fail you've ever experienced. Like, when your father in law opened the lingerie you bought for your husband because your toddler accidentally switched tags when you were playing Candy Crush and not paying attention. Plus the tag said something suggestive and now it's weird between you and your father in law. Oh, this hasn't' happened to you too?

No, but seriously one time I accidentally sent a sultry text to my mother in law meant for the eyes only of my Chup and OH MY GOSH DID I WANT TO SINK INTO NON-EXISTENCE. I think she kindly texted back something like, I'm glad you kids are getting along these days ;). Oh nelly.

(She calls us "you kids" which is especially cute because she's only 19 years older than Chup which really, makes her practically the same age.)

So that's it. Go to my facebook page, tell me your Christmas Fail by Thursday at midnight (my time, whatever that is these days, I can't keep track I just know it gets dark at like 2pm right now and my children walk around like timeless zombies and don't sleep at night thank you Ben Franklin for the swell idea...) and then I'll pick my four favorites and announce the winners here on my blog on Friday.

p.s. if you'd rather skip the chance to win free tickets you can buy them here.
Last year they sold out really fast and so I recommend you go gangbusters or ghostbusters and get yourself a slew of them. This is why, it's magical:
 photo TheLowerLightsChristmasstage_zps8da6b6ad.jpg
Photo by Justin Hackworth

Between you and me (don't tell my children) this concert is just about the only thing I'm looking forward to this Christmas season. I love it. It always makes me feel Christmas. You know what I mean? There's dancing, clapping and moments where you look up at that huge mystical dome on the ceiling of the concert hall and you feel like life is brilliant and you're lucky to be a part of it. 

And no, you do not need recommends to get into the Masonic Temple (Mormon joke).

So, good luck to all and to all some good luck!

 p.p.s. Is Candy Crush a 2013 invention? I don't even know what it is.

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