The Best Day of The Year

Happy November First, or in other words My Favorite Day of the Year. I'd love to elaborate on why it's my favorite, but instead I'm going to get out of the office and actually live it. (Oh! Poetic!)

Looking for weekend plans? Here's what I'm doing:

  photo 4531e73b-6f51-4ce0-9e75-2f9dd6019082_zpsa53eff46.jpg
Ever last Halloween as a Dia De Los Muertos doll thank you Chup.

We're celebrating Dia De Los Muertos today with our favorite Mexican chefs at El Azteca with special dishes for the occasion and an offrendas to remember those who have passed on.
If you want to go: El Azteca/See here for more details

*also happening tonight: a Dia De Los Muertos celebration at the Museum of Peoples and Cultures at BYU for children and students alike. See here for details.  

Tonight Chup and I are going to Deep Love--A Ghostly Folk Opera in Salt Lake.
If you want to go: Grand Theatre/8:00pm/$12 buy tickets here.

Saturday night I am judging the Battle of the Bands at Muse Music Cafe.
If you want to go: starts at 8pm/$7 tickets at the door.

On Sunday I get to do a photo shoot with Austen Diamond of this fame.
If you want to go: you can't. I'm just bragging.

And as a heads up, on Tuesday  (Nov. 5th also Election Day) I am speaking to Collobrative Creative--a community meeting for local artists (of any genre) about overcoming discouragement in the creative process. I think I might call it Haterology 101, How to Work with the Negative Voices in Your Life, Whether it's Your Own or Others Also, You Might be Schizophrenic Like Me. 
If you want to go: Coleman Studios, 117 N. University Ave Provo/7:00pm/FREE/ALL INVITED!

Lastly, this morning I asked my Erin what we should do today to celebrate My Favorite Day of the Year and she looked at me with yogurt face and proclaimed: party.

So let me get the party started by presenting you Yosuke Kubozuka the latest bizarre and hip single from Drew Danburry, one of the most prolific, peculiar and curious musicians in our prestigious Provo Music scene. Warning it's gets a little disgusting (and not in an XXX rated sort of way):

Happy weekend of golden trees and post-Halloween candy and Christmas music if you're that type.

(No judging.)

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