My Saturday

Last Saturday I woke up with a faith crisis. That's a strong term, so maybe more like a faith frustration. Yes, that's better. So I told Chup I was going back to sleep because I wasn't really in the mood to work out my thoughts and so he took the kids to Toys (backward) R Us because he promised them new Legos for being good children while he was on his business trip. I woke up for lunch which for me was a freshly frosted sugar cookie from Sodalicious. Please don't send me an email about sugar being poison I KNOW. Then I put Erin down for a nap and slept again. My faith frustration woke me up and I felt like I should go outside in the sun and write down everything I really believed in. So I did. It was a beautiful goldy (that's an Ever Jane word, I borrowed) autumnal day and I what I wrote down was pretty simple: I believe Christ is my savior and that the Holy Ghost speaks to men and women. I hope for salvation. I know seeking after charity is the most noble endeavor of my life and will, in the end, give me the greatest chance at happiness. And, I can't do much to have charity but ask God to give it to me, and give me educational opportunities to feel it. It's a gift. That's what I wrote. Also, that I learned those things from reading the Book of Mormon which also means I believe Joseph Smith was inspired to translate it/write it. After that I felt a little better because I was honest with myself. I went downstairs and helped Ever write a book called "The White Bunny" about a white bunny and a yellow bunny who met a purple stink bunny. I don't know. I just write the words down as they come to her and she illustrates it. Anyway, the purple stink bunny got lost and the white and yellow bunny found him by smelling his stinky scent. It's some good fiction my daughter writes. I could hear my phone ringing upstairs but I didn't bother getting up and then Christopher's phone rings and it was the bishop looking for me. So I said "hello" and after some pleasantries he asks me if I will be in the new Relief Society presidency in my ward. And I cried because I do love working with the Young Women and I've done it so long I think it might feel like moving to a different planet to work in any other organization. But I have come to love the woman the bishop called as president and I wanted to support and help her, so I accepted. Which means, I won't have mutual on Tuesday nights and I won't be up-to-date with the world's best Mia Maids, but I'll probably get to know some of the widows in our ward and they'll most likely make my life better. Then we had KFC for dinner because I always reserve one night during each pregnancy where I eat cole slaw and biscuits and some sort of mashed potato and gravy substance without guilt. After dinner we had family movie night. I put all the kids in their pjs and snuggled with them even though I generally dislike children's movies these days except the newest Winnie the Pooh don't you love that one? At eight o'clock they went to bed and I went to judge the Battle of the Bands at Muse Music Cafe which included:one retro rock and roll band, one lounge throw-back rock and roll band, one interesting, well-written, female-fronted rock and roll band and one band that featured four shirtless men, several attempts to hit the crowd with a hammer and one white unicorn head. I think it was punk music. I still don't know. My fetus was banging against my body the whole night. It was loud and raucous. Or maybe I'm just old. Anyway, there was moshing. Then I hung out with several local rockers and rappers who kindly walked me out into the cold, dark night. And that felt like charity. So I knew my prayers were being heard. When I got home I ate two more biscuits and kissed my husband good night. Jeeze what a day.

p.s. I'm sorry if this offended anyone. I usually feel like typing that after every post and I thought today would be a good day to actually do it.

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