I actually had an obsession to Instagram there for awhile, until I realized I was checking Instagram a zillion times a day. I tried to move the app button on another page on my phone and when that didn't work I resorted to unfollowing all of my beloved friends and family because my children were growing under my feet as watched other people's children go to Disneyland.

Now let's be upfront, you know what I'm talking about don't you? You can tell me, "yikes, that sounds like an extreme measure" but I'm pretty sure I'm hardly alone in obsessing over a app from time to time. Have you tried twitter DON'T GO THERE IT'S LIKE CRACK COCAINE.

(But it's also so wonderful.)

And really, the problem isn't that I'm obsessed with seeing pictures of impeccably dressed women at fancy book club outings, the problem is that I want to check out--because life is hard, kids are hard, social outings can be awfully awkward (Must check Instagram, and look like I'm engaged in a texting debate so no one will talk to me/think I'm a loser.) And these days, there are so many ways to check out. It's at my fingertips whenever I want to think less about potty training and more about how the GOP is going to impossibly get back to any sort of moderate discourse. THANKS TWITTER.

Anyway, I've tried almost everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING short of giving my phone away. Unfollowing on Instagram was my latest attempt. I didn't do it in anger, I did it in desperation. I think people I love would rather have me "like" my own kids than "like" their photos, though I look forward to the day when I can do both. And I know I can because there will soon be another app to obsess over and Instagram will be yesterday's news. In the meantime, I've enjoyed having a little bit more energy to respond to the good people who comment on my Instagram photos and now that I'm writing all this I'm thinking maybe it's just me who has this problem.

Anyway, do you hate the word selfie? Be honest.

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