Twerks of Having My Own Blog

Do you think it's ok for a married woman to twerk? I mean, of course, in the kitchen when her husband walks by?

Also, do you think pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are hard to get right? I made five dozen batches of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this week and um, we eat them because we're hard up I suppose for baked goods, but I'd say they've only been mediocre. And are mediocre cookies ok to share with your neighbors who just had a baby? Sorta thought-that-counts-ish?

When I am in that nest of hormones I'd say I'd likely eat anything.

Ok, yes. There have been times this week when I've been pulling pumpkin chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and my husband walks by and I stop him with my twerking. BUT THE CHILDREN ARE NEVER LOOKING.

I don't think people should twerk before marriage, but after marriage there should be a plethora of twerking experimenting. So I guess I don't need your opinion after all, cause I formed my own.

I don't know if you can tell right now, but I am just writing whatever comes to my mind. Scream of cautiousness, I think is what they call it. And I think I'm doing this because I am avoiding writing things that are serious and have been punching around in my brain for the last week or so. Do we need more, or less, blogs taking things seriously? I have not formed my own opinion about that.

You know, as I write this I am listening to The Beatles ABBEY ROAD. I should try twerking (WITH MY HUSBAND ONLY) to I Want You. But anyway, Abby Road is so quirky and transforming and mesmerizing, and incidentally I'm reminded of my favorite album right now Youthemism, by Coral Bones:
 photo coralbones_zpse78e9411.jpg

You can listen to it HERE (try Lemon Tree). This is one of those albums that has caught my attention for weeks now. Bascially, I wake up and put on this album and feel happy and sorta snappy and grateful to be alive. So no big deal. There's a little Rufus Wainwright, a little Mika, a bit of The Shins, The Beatles, I don't know, but it works.

Well, it's time to shuttle Anson up to cousin Nicholas's house for a birthday party and start the homemade mac and cheese. I qualified that it's "homemade" because I took my children to McDonald's today and the guilt is spilling out of me and onto the keyboard. I feel guilty about taking my kids to McDonald's ok? And sometimes I feel guilty for twerking even though I am a married woman and it's with my husband and we're alone! But a pot of "homemade" mac and cheese is penitence for all these things!

One more thing, if you read Nie Nie, and tomorrow she posts pictures of this birthday party and there's one of my son with hair covering his eyes just know he likes it that way and the bishop said it was ok.

Should I ask my bishop about twerking and taking my kids to McDonald's? This post is already too long.

p.s. I have 2 tickets to see DEEP LOVE--A GHOSTLY FOLK ROCK OPERA in SLC the end of this month for anyone willing to enter in my giveaway. You just have to leave me the best Halloween joke ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE by 4pm tomorrow. Right now it looks like my friend Finn has entered three times with some pretty good stuff, so the competition is stiff BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Believe in yourself!

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