Out of the Bleu

Well, here I am again writing. This time I just finished a salad for my neighbors to eat (not the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie neighbors) for dinner tonight. It's an autumnal salad of sorts. I bought some really tart green apples and really sweet red apples from our local apple shop. So I cut those up. Then I bought a block of bleu cheese from our local creamery and crumbled it. After that I crushed up some walnuts. No, that's a lie. I bought them pre-crushed. Then I emulsified some honey Dijon vinaigrette. Why are you still reading this?

You know, being a Mormon woman is a lot of work. Do we want to talk about that right now or should I save that topic for later?

Later? Ok.

But I just want to add that buying pre-crushed walnuts is really helpful when you already spent the day babysitting for two different families and trying to empathize with your husband's laptop woes. We have the worst luck with laptops. Maybe we should try lapdogs instead?

So don't judge my not crushing my own walnuts.

Now, blue cheese. I like to spell it bleu. Do you think it's a little pretentious to make another family a salad for dinner and add bleu cheese? It's not an entry level taste, you know. (I put it in a baggie, not in the actual salad, just in case.) If someone brought me a salad with bleu cheese I'd be so very excited to consume that salad, but others aren't so free range with cheese choices. So was it narcissistic of me to plant the bleu cheese in the salad?  Do I really just want a world of blue-cheese-spelled-bleu-cheese-eating clones of me? Well, not really, because that's a lot of sharing bleu cheese I'd have to do. Not but seriously why are you reading this?

My son asked me out on a date last night. He said he needed some "love time." We went to pick up some curry, and drinks from our friend's new place here in Provo called Sodalicious. It's a drive through drink shop (drink shop, apple shop) where the combinations of flavors and hot chocolates are never-ending!I asked Anson what he wanted to drink and he said, "A nice, fresh cold drink of water." And when I handed it to him he was so grateful. Like, all his life he just wanted to try water, and here was his big moment. It was one of the best dates I've ever been on, to be honest. (I also liked the date when Brian Watts took me to a mountainous cave and we listened to Edgar Allen Poe by candlelight!) Anyway, I hate to say it, but it needs to be said, the only slight complaint I have about last night's date was that my date made me pay for everything. Apparently he's unemployed.

I asked you if it was pretentious to put bleu cheese on a neighbor's salad but I just re-read that part and laughed because it's even MORE pretentious to spell it bleu cheese. Isn't that funny?

And then I wondered, how many comments will it take before someone pleads with me to not eat bleu cheese during pregnancy. I bet it's 17. I've been doing this for a long time haven't I?

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