Oh Crepe!

Today I took my kids to the Creamery on Ninth for lunch. The Creamery is pretty close to our house so we take a stroller and walk over. I needed to get some milk and some crepe paper and I thought, we might as well get some lunch too. I generally don't like to eat there because usually there's a lot of crumbs in the dinning section of the Creamery. I mean, crumbs at my house are fine because I can usually account for the origin of the crumbs, but at the Creamery...you know what? Never mind this paragraph.

So after a lunch (I wiped the crumbs off our table BEFORE and AFTER we ate) I asked the cashier if they had any crepe paper because I couldn't find it.

She was like, what...is...crepe...paper?

And I was like, um...it's...like...stuff you use to decorate with?

And she was like, is it brown?

And I said, it can be.

And she said, I think you mean streamers.

And I was like, ok...yes...streamers.

And while she explained where they were in the store, I wondered if "crepe paper" was a regional thing like fry sauce. So I googled it on my phone right then and there and I think I was right. And she was right. But most important to me, I wasn't wrong...entirely.

So, when I say crepe paper, do you think of this?

end note: I am not a germaphobe but really, crumbs give me the creeps.

other end note: The Creamery on Ninth is a creamery, a small grocery store and a (crumby) burger joint.

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