Guinea Pigs

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One time, a long time ago, I read a parenting blog from a woman who said something like, "I would rather put a stake in my eye than write about my religion, but yes I'm a Mormon."

And I think all the time, I'd rather put a stake in my eye than write about parenting practices, but yes I'm a parent.

Both are really touchy subjects. Both present good reasons to be protected and private.

But man, I think, if my religion is hearty it can endure debate and discussion. But this parenting gig, it's precious and progressive to me, and I don't have the heart to lay it out there. Not when these little guinea pigs are around.

(Literally around my feet, on my desk, IN MY HAIR.)

And I am so new and impressionable at this position, anything can tip my self-assurance. To write about familial systems I clearly do NOT yet comprehend is asking too much of my vulnerability. (Oh, the parenting posts I've already written that I wish I could forget!)

While, yes, my belief in God heavily coats my parenting practices, can I assume simply writing my thoughts will create a tunnel to the heart of my theories on parenthood?

Anyway, that's to say that I have a lot I want to write about. And I don't know what I am talking about.

And, what's for dinner???

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