Your Guide to TONIGHT'S Free Downtown Provo Rooftop Concert: Ryan Innes with The New Electric Sound and Amy Whitcomb

hosted by C. Jane Kendrick with Justin Hackworth!

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September’s Rooftop show (Friday September 6) is tonight. That means school’s back in session and we don’t mean academics. We mean come get schooled by our September headliner: soul singer Ryan Innes, fresh off his stint on Team Usher on The Voice. Come learn the difference that true blue soul, absolute authenticity, and a crazy butter voice make. Technically, he sings just about the same notes as anybody else, but when HE sings them something else happens, something visceral, something spiritual, something that gets up in your goosebumps and heartstrings. Sure, he’s got the chops to bend and swoop and growl and belt and otherwise get the ladies into huffs. But it’s the conviction that makes you say: I BELIEVE.
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You won’t wanna miss The New Electric Sound either, who are back after playing last September’s Rooftop show with Fictionist. For those of you who weren’t lucky enough to be there, The New Electric Sound is the sound of the Strokes stepping into a Delorean, going back in time to the 50s and 60s, and going on a bus tour with Buddy Holly and The Beach Boys. Also: matching cardigans.

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And kicking off the night is the lovely Amy Whitcomb, whose incredible voice blew viewers and judges away on The Sing Off and The Voice. She says she “sings because it sets my soul on fire.” We’re pretty sure it’ll do the same thing to yours.

Join us, won’t you?

Can't be with us in person? No problem. Here's the live feed:


What time and where? Show starts at 7:30, "doors" open at 6:00, as always we suggest you get there early to set up your blankets, low chairs, bean bags, mattresses, flying carpets, bear rugs etc. The location is on the third level of the Provo Town Square parking terrace at 100 North & 100 West.

Who should come? This show is great for everyone! September usually presents our biggest crowd of the year, so take that into consideration if you like personal space.

What's the weather? Well, we're hoping for dry skies. If you have any pull with the weather Gods could you build a case for us? If you don't, bring a light jacket just in case.

Where should I park? Here.
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What's the social media info? Every mention, like or comment helps us spread the word about our concert series, so think of your instagram shot of our lanterns as a service to us. Thank you. Also, we live tweet, instagram and facebook during the concert.
Find us or tag us here:

Where should we eat before the concert? There are over 50 restaurants in the downtown area! And so many of them are delicious and award-winning. See here for well-designed comprehensive list.

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 photo 845696b4-d91e-441c-a9ed-dfd89bcfddd1_zpse1921361.jpgBUT you can also eat at the venue! Just south of the Rooftops in the alley below we've curated a Restaurant Row where you can order warm food to eat on the rooftop before, during, and after the show starting at 6pm. Also on site is the southern style hot plates of Station 22 Cafe.
Represented at Restaurant Row this Friday include:
Rocco's Taccos
(Plus, Sammy's and Provo's newest food truck Sweeto Burrito are across the street.)
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! We'll also have venders from Provo's craft and vintage scene, so plan a little time to shop as well.
What else is going on in downtown Provo on Friday? Thanks so much for asking. The Rooftop Concert Series is a part of the First Friday's Downtown initiative and we share the evening with theDowntown Provo's Art Stroll.You can get a fill of all the arts (fine, music, culinary) in downtown Provo in one night!

What do we do after the show? Well, don't just go home. There's still plenty to do. Restaurant Row will stay open for your foraging pleasure, and Muse Music Cafe is putting on an after show dance party:
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And let us show you some other options in this fancy video here:

Also, we'd like to thank our sponsors:
The TRUTH Against Tobacco be sure to visit their booth tonight for a vintage photobooth, plus enter to win a pair of SkullCandy headphones by texting "SMOKELESS" to "53535" and take a 7 question survey before the concert!

3B Yoga--check out this fabulous Student Special. Visit their booth for coupons and giveaways! photo viewer_zpsef440e52.png

Wicked Audio, they like it louder. You'll have plenty of chances to win Wicked Audio swag tonight, so make sure you're there early!

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See you on the Rooftops!
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*photography by Justin Hackworth

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