Won't You Be The One?

Here's a little treat. Mideau is releasing their album tomorrow (FRIDAY THE 13th!) and their having a huge album release party/concert at Velour tomorrow night. (See here for details--tickets still available but not for long!) If you live out of town and won't be able to make it I highly recommend their album--though it won't be available for wide release for awhile. In the meantime, please enjoy this track "Benny" it's my favorite.

Also, this weekend the much anticipated Parlor Hawk album is also releasing on Saturday night at Velour. (See here for details--tickets still available, but again, not for long!) I've really been enjoying this album as well. And I especially like this video of their song "Maryanne" because it features my gorgeous friend Diana Palmer.

Both albums are produced by Nate Pyfer who was also a genius behind the much-loved The Moth & The Flame masterpiece.

Happy Thursday! It's rolling thunderous clouds our way today. Lots of flooding and slides in this state and our neighboring states. Chup is still recovering from being stung by revengeful sting ray at the beach last week and I have a subconjunctival hemorrhage in my eye, plus the kids are coming down with colds and my parents moved out the other night into their lovely cherry cottage which made me cry so hard it may have caused my subconjunctival hemorrhage. 

But at lease we have music, always the music.

p.s. One last thing...Chup and are having a love-affair (simultaneously) with this song from the National Parks--it's an album I can universally, confidently recommend. Looking for a new album to welcome in the fall? This it.

Happy music discoveries!

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