The Royal Baby Watch

Nine months ago I was sitting in my office trying not to vomit.

I was distracting myself by reading the day's news on Twitter. Every fourth tweet was from a new source claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge was hospitalized for acute pregnancy sickness while confirming a royal baby was on the way.

I remember tweeting something out at that point about poor Kate. I was in the same state, although not as severely, and I remember thinking our babies will be due about the same time.

But when I miscarried in December, I continued to watch Kate's pregnancy, following her bumpy mid-section occasionally, taking tiny mental notes of what would've been for me. And now, here we are heavy into July and reading Twitter reports that Kate is laboring and ready to give birth.

And here I sit my again in my office, reading those tweets, feeling so happy for Kate and thinking about her nearing that biological finish line and hoping all goes well for her and the baby...

... and trying not to vomit.

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