Utah County,

My sister Page and her husband Vance are hosting a screening of GIRL RISING a film about how education can change a girl and ultimately change the world. The date is June 10th at the Water Gardens Spanish Fork 8 in Spanish Fork and tickets are $10. I haven't seen it yet, but Page and her three oldest daughters (Olivia 18, Emma 16, Cynthia 14) and (sister) Lucy and her husband Andrew (are you keeping these names straight?) have seen it at past screenings and say it's very powerful. Right after her screening Lucy texted me:
It was a huge awakening. I'm so grateful I can choose which preschool to send my daughter to without a blink of an eye. I want her to have every opportunity. I also felt so much sadness that I had the opportunity for education and didn't take advantage of it. Not yet anyway...
So, here's an invitation to come. Because of the way these screening are set up, we need 55 tickets to sell before it's a sure thing.
You read more about it and buy tickets here.
Here's the trailer. Stop crying you baby.

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