You Can Now Watch the Rooftop Concerts From Wherever You Are

When spring comes I dust off my marketing chops and start working on this little concert series my friends and I started. I mean, it started out sorta little, but now it's a big part of our community and that's really humbling. And to have my blog involved as a sponsor and to be the host of the whole series is something I am really proud of. Every day I work at this I am grateful to those people who fill up the whole rooftops the first Friday of every month, May through October. Like Gavin said here about our concert, "It may be free, but it will be the equivalent of a sell-out." Amazing.

But ever since its inception our biggest complaint about the series is that it only happens in Provo. Could we take it on the road? people asked. Not really, but we can do our best to bring it to you--because Provo loves you Minnesota, Arizona, California New York, England, Australia, Norway and everyone anywhere.
This is for you:

Fade song: Velvet by The Blue Aces

 photo paintmay2013_zps89870463.jpg
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