See Jane

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Something big happened yesterday. Anson read his first words,

"See see! Oh see Jane!"

It started when I asked, "Hey Anson, do you want to start reading today?"

And he nodded his head like a puppy following a hand-held treat.

Then he sounded out the first word,

"That's the snake letter! Sssssss."

"And there is an e and another e!" I told him.

"S-e-e. Se-e. See. See!"

"You did it! You read your first word!" I said smothering him with my arms.

Then with ease he picked up "Oh" and I helped him with  "Jane."

"That's Mommy's and Ever's middle name, Jane."

"J-J-J-ane." He read.

And it was more thrilling--for him and me--than anything we've ever done together. He read it again to me, then to Ever, then to Daddy and lastly to Erin when she--stars in her eyes and hot cheeks--woke up from her nap. 

The whole moment took me by surprise. Surprised he wanted to read. Surprised he would try. Surprised how easily it came to him. Surprised at the pride I felt watching him try. Surprised how much I loved the idea we were starting a new adventure together: R-E-A-D-I-N-G.

I highly recommend motherhood, by-the-way. It begs of almost everything you have to do it--but the little, spontaneous, rewarding returns are surprisingly magnificent (whatever shape they come in). Especially for those of us who hardly ever know what we're doing. (Which I dare say is most of us.)
(Or maybe just me.)

(Oh Jane! Silly, silly Jane.)

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