Mindy Gledhill + The Rooftop Concert Series

This has been in the works for awhile and I'm bouncing in my seat-- like a schoolgirl with the right answer--excited to share it today . . .

Two things: Mindy Geldhill is recording a new album and The Rooftop Concert Series starts again next month.
(May 3rd!)
And so: we've decided to combine our artist efforts and invite our friends and fans to help us raise money for both experiences. This collaboration is such a sweet fit and I hope you'll join us. Lovely people, you.

Allow me to invite you to watch Mindy explain (and sing) it all here:

For more details and to pledge check out her Music Pledge Page.

Thanks Mindy and Provo City for these opportunities!

Much to look forward to--we'll announce our  concert line-up next week . . .

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