All the Pretty Little Perksies--Updated!

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I was looking at the incentives you can receive by donating to Mindy Gledhill's new album campaign (remember 30% of the proceeds go towards the Rooftop Concert Series oh yeah!) and one of them is for $50--she will sing you to sleep. Can you imagine? To sleep. Some people are insomniacs, that would be a LOT of singing for them. But if I know Mindy I know she's very determined. She probably will sing to you all night and that is a steal, my friends, for $50 (how much is Lunesta? Ambien? A lot more than $50 without insurance I assure you!). But think of the rest of us, don't wear her voice down and rob us of this gift. Please think of that, Insomniacs, before you choose this perk of donating. In fact, I think I will text Mindy and plead with her to make an asterisk on this choice that reads below *insominacs need not apply.

So that's what I am going to do.

Let me also say that for $75 you can get your name in the liner notes of Mindy's new album. You might think, Oh big deal. But let me tell you something: my name is in the liner notes for The Lower Light's albums and from experience I can say it is a BIG DEAL. I think of all those people who've purchased those albums and when they read those liner notes they think, Wow I wonder what Courtney Kendrick had to do with such a great album? (because when I'm not blogging I go by Courtney, you should note in case you have The Lower Light's albums and didn't connect me, C. Jane Kendrick with Courtney Kendrick it's all so confusing what can you do?) And did you know Mindy is also on The Lower Light's albums? I mean she sings on the album so naturally she has her name in the liner notes but I bet she'd pay $75 dollars to have her name on your album. Did you think of that?

Going down the list (sidebar on this website, if you're following along) it's too bad you didn't get the dress from the Anchor video because it's already taken. It's a cute dress. All of Mindy's vintage dresses are cute. I know because one time I went to this Christmas costume party (don't ask, I don't get it either) and my cousin Jayne borrowed the dress Mindy was wearing on her Anchor album cover shoot because she was dressing up as Mindy. Did you want to see a photo?

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That's Jed her husband who is dressed up as Stuart Maxfield the leader singer of Fictionist because Stuart used to be Mindy's accompanist guitar player way back when. Do you like trivia? me too.

Also, Jayne's hair is a wig. SORRY TO DISAPPOINT she's a real brunette. But all wigs should look so natural and like they came from the set of Gollum as does Jayne's. In fact, I can show you Jayne's real hair because one time for a costume party in July (for my brother Topher's 40th birthday party, we dress up a lot around here) Jed and Jayne and their baby George dressed up as me, Chup and Squishy:
 photo 96ef8aa7-b121-4655-be47-e6b2012d0112_zps213c2dee.jpg
Jayne's chest is NOT real. SORRY TO DISAPPOINT AGAIN.

But back to the liner notes for $75, I also wanted to say this: my mother is so proud of me that when she talks about me to people in St. Louis she says, "Yes, Nie Nie is my daughter but I also have a daughter who is mentioned in the liner notes of The Lower Light's albums," or she says, "Courtney? That's the daughter who is mentioned in the liner notes of the The Lower Light's albums," and I thought being a Deseret News column was going to be a BIG DEAL to my parents. No. But that's because The Lower Lights albums are so good and so will Mindy's new album be good too. You should support it.

I guess I could go on forever but one last thing is this: for a decent donation you can be in a Mindy Gledhill music video (see the sidebar and all the way down) and in that realm you'd far surpass me. I've only been in a video where Mindy and I drove a mobile couch around the Rooftop Concert Series parking terrace. And I peed my pants. NOT ON THE COUCH DON"T BE GROSS, but when I stood up to try and breathe because I was laughing so hard. Also not my pants because I was wearing a pink dress. And yes I KNOW I WRITE ABOUT PEEING MY PANTS A LOT SO WHAT HAVE A LITTLE EMPATHY SOME PEOPLE CAN'T SLEEP, I CAN'T CONTROL MY BLADDER. Anyway, I'll refresh your memory:

This video reminds me of why this campaign is such a good idea. If Mindy's project doesn't fund, neither does the Rooftop Concert Series,  nor the experience of  watching such amazing videos. And that piece of us on a mobile couch was particular moving, wasn't it? We can't let art like that go extinct all willy nilly because we're stingy with our wallets.

Think of that Insomniacs. Won't you? (But not too long because time is a-runnin' out.)

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