2013 Rooftop Concert Series Line-up Announced Here First!

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photo of Tyler Glenn of the Neon Trees by Justin Hackworth 

Today is an exciting day for us Provoans. This afternoon the Mayor is set to make a major announcement about our city. Guesses are ranging from major infrastructure changes downtown to the acquisition of Google Fiber. I know this shows my inner Provo geek, but I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. Also, I'm in a hotel in St. George and I slept with Erin last night who slumbers like a flipping fish caught by a hook. Refreshing!

We at the Rooftop Concert Series HQ want to add to the excitement of the day by dropping some news of our own:

Ladies and Gentlemen, CJaneKendrick.com Presents the 2013 Rooftop Concert Series!

May 3rd
Desert Noises
The Blue Aces
Caleb Darger

June 7:
Joshua James
Jay William Henderson

July 5:
Get Off My Cloud: The Songs of the Rolling Stones
The National Parks

August 2:
Mindy Gledhill
Scott Shepard

September 6:
Ryan Innes
The New Electric Sound

October 4:
The Lower Lights
Parlor Hawk

I suppose my favorite part of this line-up is the seasoned performers mixed with the newest Provo discoveries. Joshua James with Polytype? Amazing. Special thanks to Sarah Wiley our CEO and Corey Fox of Velour for arranging all the talent and curating the shows.

Now, join us in praying for dry, pink sunsets and come to our first concert--a little over two weeks away!
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p.s.Remember, we're teaming up with Mindy Gledhill to make the Rooftops and her new album possible.
See here for details!

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