High on a Rooftop

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Sarah Wiley, Justin Hackworth and me after a Rooftop Concert Meeting in downtown Provo yesterday. We've been working eagerly around the clock to be able to announce this year's series by April 5th at Downtown Provo's First Friday April Event. As I see it, our biggest problem is finding a place for this year's crop of ingenious, hard-working, artistic musicians.

Provo, our cup doth over-floweth.

On an unrelated note: I've been wearing my pink shoes, pink jacket and DI jean skirt Chup hemmed for me in the basement laundry room for almost a decade now. The t-shirt I stole from our Rooftop Concert Series stash. A couple years I would have been embarrassed by my static wardrobe choices, but you know what? I look at these photos and I give myself a high five for frugality and curating a confidence that transcends trends. (Either that or it's just a matter of a slight self-inflicted poverty and growing old . . .)

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