Friday, March 15, 2013

C. Jane Vlog: Chaos Rules

I thought this would be an outtake vlog, but when we watched in play back it was more like, that's not an outtake, that's real life.
I wanted to tell the story about my birthday--the flu that invaded our home, our children, our romantic hotel suite. But instead you get a series of performances starting with Ever, finished by Anson and continued on by a bouncing baby Squish.
So, ahem, I give you our real life:

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Catherine Dabels said...

I find that if you go with the whole "birthdays are overrated" theme then when your husband is barfing all over your romantic love getaway it's not such a let down.

Jane said...

You have an absolutely beautiful family x

Unknown said...

So cute! Love how anson chimed in ; )

Sammi said...

they are so cuuuute

Bobi Jensen said...

Loved it!


Shayla said...

Man! I really wish you would have been able to be a speaker at OPAC! I was SO looking forward to hearing your words!

Jena said...

HA! Anson from the back it

Alisha said...

Oh, squishy is getting too big. Tell her not to grow up.

Terri S said...

After hearing about your beautiful hotel room and roses for your birthday, I have to tell you about my wedding night. We had the "honeymoon suite" and the local Ramada Inn. During the reception, my husband started to feel like he was coming down with a cold. When we left the wedding reception, we went back to my parents house to change clothes. In a hurry to get out of there, we left, and when we checked into the hotel, there were flowers, and champagne and fruit ... and I realized I had forgotten my suitcase, with the lovely little negligee my mom bought me. By then, my husband was REALLY sick, coughing and wheezing and short of breath.

So I spent my wedding night in my husband's shirt, drinking champagne alone, watching Johnny Carson and listening to my beloved wheeze next to me.

Since then, I've often thought how fitting that was, since we have never been able to celebrate an anniversary since then. It's the first week in September, and most of them have been spent at curriculum nights the first week of school, football games, emergency room visits for sports injuries. We spent our 25th in the emergency room with a kid with a collapsed lung. I would have liked to plan a party for our 40th, which is coming up, but I know if I do, something REALLY bad will happen to somebody!!

Your girls are adorable!!

Holly Decker said...

just when i thought your blogs could not get any better... you go and pull this one. holler. your family rocks. but then again, you already knew that.

ps. what happened to all those rude emails you used to discuss on your vlogs? let me guess... you never get them anymore, RIGHT? ;)

Carina Bean said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I love that Anson continues the song for Ever, and then Erin finishes it off! Perfect!

Amy said...

Love it! And I do believe that squishy has a future in IT as she seems to have disconnected your monitor while you were entertaining us all. Made me giggle!

Cheryl said...

we did a cruise for our honeymoon. My honey was sick THE.ENTIRE.TIME. It was lovely.

Amy said...

I too have to share my wedding night blues. (FAR worse than a simple birthday, psha sweet woman! ;)

My husband and I eloped to Maui. There was no way in heck I wanted a big stress producing build up to the day I said my vows. I wanted it to be all about US and what we wanted. Well we wanted a quiet ocean side exchange of vows, I wanted to wear a Victorian looking dress while husband to be wore his formal Firefighter uniform. I chose the flowers, we had a Hawaiian minister and singer. All so very perfect. As was the luxe dinner at a local swanky Hotel for dinner.

I get to dinner and sip my $12 glass of champagne (keeping in mind this was over 20 years ago) and order a lovely seafood dish. ($35..)

Before the dish comes I am overwhelmed by nausea and extreme exhaustion. I just want to hurry everything the hell up and get to BED. Husband drinks my champagne, eats my dinner and we are out of there.

I crawl into bed and wake to no new husband... Head to the beach and there he is bobbing in the waves. Call him in and we spend our first night as a married couple. Me sick as a dog.

Learn the next day that bobbing in the night waves extremely dangerous with the tides and new husband very likely risked his life.

Sometimes momentous events do not turn out as we wish. What is important is the days before and after.

Looks like you and your family know this well :)

Lee-Ann said...

Love it! Real life and chaos are always the most fun anyway. :)

Natalie said...

I love this! This is life with children! I love how Ever started the song then Anson finished it and finally, the baby went off into her own song. LOVE!!!!