Thursday, February 14, 2013

Smoochy Holiday

 photo E8E54BC2-8447-449B-9011-64C9B708EAF3-3548-0000021D095CB24B_zpsec95c57c.jpg
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Maybe you've seen this adorable video already from the creative women at Small Fry, but if not I present it to you today. It includes my Anson doing some special robot moves and a kiss at the camera that melts my mother's heart. Also, he divulges where we spend our super hot date nights. Dot dot dot . . .

In full disclosure I bribed him with the idea of buying a Megazord if he would cooperate. I was ashamed at the parenting in that transaction, but listen, as it turned out that Megazord has been the best toy we've ever purchased. Hours and days of imaginative fun. And it's never out of reach.

 photo 26CF5B5B-59AE-4DF8-A465-C103D61BA15B-3548-000001FABEFBAEBC_zpsdca6e444.jpg

Have a lovey, lovey day!