Happy Little Weekend!

Feeling good here at Retro House this morning. It's snowing. Ever is playing with an noisy app of mixed oriental sounds making me pine for Japan even though I've never been. I feel goofy and a little foggy--I had a mixed bag of dreams last night from anxious scenarios to a nightmare so intense I screamed myself awake. Anson and Ever decided to rendezvous in our bed somewhere around 4:30--the hour no human should be conscious--and then it was musical beds until sunlight.

But here we are.

I am thinking a lot about this speech coming up at BYU. I am excited to be involved in this project with my friends, Carina, Caitlin, Amy, Sarah and Megan. So many smart, educated, talented women in my life. They are good examples to me and I look to their support as fellow women, mothers, wives, artists, community activists and spiritual sisters. So here is this:
 photo womenandeducation_zps6e6572a4.jpg

Maybe after I give this speech I'll stop having dreams where I'm picking through the toys at the pediatrician's office--trying to find the ones I threw away before Anson had grown out of them. (I do that in real life--give away toys too soon, but not re-collecting at the ped's office . . .)

Happy weekend everyone! If you want to connect in other non-snowing, non-blogging worlds:
email: cjanekendrick @ gmail.com (but I'm galaxies behind in keeping up . . . GALAXIES.)

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