C. Jane Vlog: Dr. Preece, My Visiting Teacher

Last night my visiting teacher Professor Jessica Preece came to my house to . . . well . . . visit me. And because she's a good sport, she accepted my offer to vlog the visit. After the vlog ended we sat on my couch and talked for hours more about politics, gender roles, polygamy, heaven, courage, cognitive dissonance, writing, parenting and the rewarding life of a misfit. That's when you know you've got a good visiting teacher.

Learn more about Jessica and her work on gender and politics here. I am so lucky to have her on my couch every month and sometimes, more than that when I am especially lucky.

Hey Provo Party People!
 photo 554497_10151217417616962_1212934647_zps6d725567.jpg
There is so much going on downtown tonight I think you should cancel whatever else you think might be a good idea (it isn't) and come to First Fridays.

Here's the menu of thrills and stimulation of the senses:

1. (7-8:00) Have dinner in one of our nationally acclaimed eateries, I always recommend Communal. Station 22 is bustling these days with great southern comfort food (chicken & waffles) and an extensive drink selection.

2.(8-9:00) The Gallery Stroll tonight will be vamped up to arouse your faculties:
First, local art from masters to students.
Second, sample bands from our extensive local music will be playing in the galleries live.
Third, local award-winning chocolate (Amano) tasting.
Go here for locations and specifics & reservations
(The Gallery Stroll is 100% free and open to the public!)

3.(9:00-11:00) Velour is putting on the highly anticipated Polytype cd release show with Mideau. Yes, listen, don't miss this show. Just don't do it. Both of these acts are putting together sounds that will pound into your apathetic, wintery flesh. Indie electric beats will transform you into good times. I am telling you, come to this show. You will thank me profoundly later. And yes, you are "cool" enough to go to Velour and no you aren't too old. Are you kidding? Come and you will see what I mean.


Mideau isn't quite ready for a release but here's the first single, Benny:

If you can't make it tonight, you can always live vicariously through me. Sure? Ok! Here are your options: twitter, facebook and instagram.
I also have a spot on that buzzy video app Vine as: cjanekendrick.
I teach French lessons and portray my life as a perfectly divine domestic goddess. HOTTTTTTT!

I am happy today, thank you.

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