What Exactly Is TMI?

 photo 55AEFCF8-B4BE-4531-AD42-E4D1E031DADA-9083-000005115EFFDE40_zps2cbeaca4.jpg

Every night I bundle myself up, put on winter boots and take my body for a walk. It only takes a few minutes before my extremities are numb including the recess of my nostrils where the cold turns my itty bitty nose hairs into itty bitty icicles. Sometimes my jaw will freeze in place and I will wake up the next morning sore.

But getting my blood moving and the wheels turning in my head is always worth the experience.

Until last night when my boots caught an unforgiving ice patch and I found myself fighting to stay up right. My arms were rapidly rotating like giant windmill and my body was bent at the waste. I will not go down! I said like I was some midnight Napoleon. I will not go down!

I fought my balance for what seemed like a record amount of time until my equilibrium won the battle. I was still standing! I WAS STANDING STILL! Triumphantly I jumped up to claim the invisible spoils of my war with winter, and in my rejoicing I lost bladder control as a woman does who has seen the underbelly of pregnancy.

So you win some and lose some.

Thanks body!

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