Friday, January 18, 2013

C. Jane Vlog: The New Electric Sound & Scott Wiley

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Photo by Justin Hackworth

I asked on Facebook and Twitter this week what the people wanted for my vlog this week. At last count most of the people wanted Lucy to vlog with me again. But Lucy said she will vlog no more, since our last vlog together was such a success, she preferred to go out on top. Actually, she really said "I feel so uncomfortable doing vlogs." What? They aren't awkward at all!?

Then yesterday we received word that The New Electric Sound was at June Audio with Scott Wiley and we invited ourselves over to hang out. They have a show tonight at Velour's 7th Anniversary celebration (you should come, if you can still get tickets and if you live close, and even if you don't live close you should still come) and they're working on a new single and a new music video.

Before you watch this, you might take time to fall in love with them. They were one of our most popular bands at the Rooftop Concert Series this past year (here's my proof!)and it's pretty easy to see why--their music is reminiscent, poppy and a good timey. When I listen I imagine myself in a different era wearing a vintage prom dress dancing innocently with that surfer boy with the wavy hair. You know.

Start here, with this great video covering jealousy, escape, love, betrayal, bondage (!) set to a catchy, rock-n-roll love song.
Here for a taste of that throw back sound.
And here for a video featuring scenes from Provo's hipster crowd and another great song to start your day.

But, let me be honest, the reason why you'll be glad you watched this video is because of the explosive and over-dramatic Les Mis moment that happens spontaneously. Also, there is a bonus track where they sing a little doo-wop and I get a bit Oprah on them. You're welcome. And you're welcome.

Thanks Scott and Scott, Ben and Tom!
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From my instagram account.

Provo is lovely in March:

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Jana said...

Baaaaaaaaaahahaha. GREAT Vlog. BTW, perhaps you should have bribed Lucy with (more) Oreos this time around! ;-)

{Erica} said...

Standing-O for this vlog! Loved clicking over to the video to find Gavin as the Bad guy.

Heading over to "the iTunes" to get their album.

Happy Weekend Courtney and family!

Scott and Rachel Ellis said...

Ok. Love them. That video was HOT!! And you are darling as ever on your vlog. Sharing that video of theirs on facebook.

StuandSom said...

I may have a married women crush on the one in the middle of the vlog (that sang les mis). Just saying..

thefabulousnina said...

"All I wanna do is listen to my heart BEAT" Lol! Love these guys. - Nina

Whimcees said...


I just read your post of Monday and as there is no comment option available I am using this one. I understand that this subject would bring an avalanche of comments as there is so much to say. But I would like you to write of one thing if you would - that hopefully will bring some comfort. I have searched for this answer all of my life for personal reasons and I now ask this for me and for the children that you wrote about. Where was God's love when all of the abuse occurred? I know all of the answers of God also gives us free will, etc. but I would like to read what you think - where is God's love when horror happens? These children will live with this forever - it is in their makeup and cannot be changed. No matter the success or happiness they may find as adults - the damage was done. I respect your writing skills and you reach so many people. If you could give some logic that brings comfort would be a blessing. But then, I guess there is no logic. Maybe I just wanted my one small voice to ask the question that we all ask.


Barbara Diane