36 Things:19-27 Oh L'Amour

This week I am writing 36 things I will do/hope to do in the year I turn 36.
Here's Day Three:

19. Go to the couples retreat. Due to work obligations, Chup and I weren't able to go to the beach this year with our friends to solve world problems which really means to sit around and eat in the sun. We missed it. It's good for our marriage.

20. Sign Ever up for preschool. Ever loves learning in group settings and gets excited for independent adventures. I think preschool is going to be a good fit for her.


21. Speak on a blogging panel at the Orem Library. This is happening this month on the 30th. What should I say about blogging? Where do I start?

22. Attend a Sundance Film Festival event. Every January I sit here in Provo annoyed that such a huge event celebrating art and film (and silly, silly Hollywood) is going on just an hour away and I'm here in Provo coughing up the cold and feeling left out. NOT THIS YEAR. This year I am going to go up to Park City and do something. I unsuccessfully tried to get tickets to our friend Jerusha Hess's film Austenland. However, I do have a few party invitations to cash in . . .

23.  Meet my online friend John Dehlin in person.

24. Submit something I've written for publication. I would like to write something longer than 500 words and put time and effort into it. How will I find that time or effort? Such elusive things.

25. Watch Amour. I'm trying to watch more films in my life in an effort to enhance the creative experience. At the same time, I am growing ever so picky in my advancing age (oh deary!). I've heard this film is worth my audience.

26. Finish Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling. That is one fat book I'm reading. It's fat and has tiny text. It might take me all year, but I am set on finishing it. Some people have told me this book written by an active, believing Mormon challenged their belief system, other's have told me it bolstered it. We shall see.

27. Persuade Moth & the Flame to do a Green Room concert. And then persuade them to move into my house to sing us all to sleep each evening. It's the small things...

(me with Nate, Brandon and Mark of the Moth & the Flame, where are you Scott Wiley?)

p.s. I am embarrassed by my gaffe yesterday: yes I know pho is Vietnamese. I had wrongly remembered a story my friend Simy (from Hong Kong) told me about her favorite place to get pho in her home city. It wasn't pho, it was wonton noodle soup. I blame the cold weather, it's freezing my brain. It could use some wonton noodles soup.

What are you doing in 2013? I'd love to hear it! 
Also, any suggestions, recommendations, feedback about my list is welcome . . .

Oh Colin Baby!
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