36 Things: 15, 22 & Sorta 2

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Photo of me, Scott & Sarah at Velour last weekend by Embre Photo

15. Go to a Desert Noises show at Velour.

Last weekend I joined the crowds headed to Velour to celebrate their 7th Anniversary with best of shows on Friday and Saturday evening. I actually had a church function on Saturday night, so I went from a crowded church hall with hymns to a crowded music venue with Americana rock. Such is the life.

Friday night's headliner was Desert Noises and they were so great. I appreciate their poetic lyrics and their sound is always tight. I learned to say that word from my musical friends--tight means they don't make many mistakes while playing live. See the education I get at Velour?

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Photo from the best seat in the house, by Nate Draschil

My only disappointment with their set was when they started with my favorite song Bible Study, robbing me of hoping for it later on. But I don't blame them, start with one of your bests. I get that.

Going to Velour for me and Sarah is mostly for work, we are there to scout out potential Rooftop Concert Series acts. But some times it's nice just to be there for the pure enjoyment of experiencing music that is louder than most of feelings I encounter in a given day. It's a space where I can forget everything else.

But it's also a community, full of really good people, young and old, and I find it be one of Provo's greatest treasures--a glittery, noise, netherworld of spinning music and story telling.

 photo 2B9FABFF-5379-446B-8A48-F164A3AFCE83-4284-000002142CF05C24_zpsb1089fe3.jpg photo CAAD951A-ECEC-404C-84C2-3FFBF62213AF-4284-000002142E9A4D73_zps2bde43b6.jpg photo 750AC2D9-3CB6-4F84-B97F-479FA13C4DC7-4284-000002143A2506B4_zpsc0f139c7.jpg photo 2EF46388-570B-47EE-8F3D-144CF283F231-4284-00000214337C0D51_zps83e7d373.jpg photo BFF764EE-65AB-4E51-9276-676862A3A0BE-4284-00000214498B6D0C_zps5ca28f87.jpg photo 9D22C449-A22E-4929-B942-640E62976B42-4284-0000021456EB2770_zpsc4b70c1d.jpg

Along with the rock and melody of Desert Noises, we also thoroughly enjoyed The New Electric Sound, Parlor Hawk and The Moth & The Flame. I know there are more local bands on the rise and I can't wait to discover them too. I find myself completely satisfied listening to mostly local playlists. We are really lucky here.

From my spot back stage:
 photo 816C884E-74AE-422C-B75A-10D1775E914A-4284-0000021435A29A7C_zps69a07356.jpg

I thought he was going to fall (but he didn't):
 photo A4C64E3A-FB8C-4205-B5B9-4E4EF8C5D3F6-4284-0000021438779211_zps2e2fa05a.jpg

Coming back for an encore:
 photo 0EF7362E-7C4D-4564-B42B-55DB9A1E3130-4284-0000021436DEA04E_zps622b0144.jpg

2. Meet the Darger Family.

While I was at Velour this weekend I sorta met the three wives of the Darger family--Alina, Vicki and Valerie in the dark, chilly backstage hallway. Their son and daughter front the band Mighty Sequoya. We hugged and had introductions but it was noisy and crowded, so we made plans to meet up again. I am not crossing this one off until we engage in a decent, conversation-friendly fashion. I'm old fashioned that way.

22. Attend a Sundance Film Festival event

After I wrote about my disappointment in not getting tickets to Austenland a reader named Trudy emailed me and told me she and her husband Deloy had one extra ticket and would I like to come with them to the film?

Blessed me.

Right away I responded "Yes! Thank you!" and we made plans to meet up at 8:30 pm in Park City. I drove up alone, passed my old life of the Wasatch Back living, Walsburg, Midway, Heber and into the ski resort lit town of Park City. It was a terribly cold night and I came prepared with every covering imaginable for my body.

So there I sat in our assigned rendezvous spot, completely shielded from freeze in layers of knitted warmth, breathing out billows of frigid air, alone, and suddenly it dawned on me that this whole things was a set-up. I mean, Trudy and Deloy from Woodland, Utah? Doesn't that sound just too good to be true? Then I started to panic. I thought about Manti Te'o. I wondered if someone was going to drive by taking pictures of me looking like a hopeful loser in the snow and cold bundled up like Ralphy's little brother. This was all a fake! A catfish! I tried texting Deloy's phone and there was no response, IT WAS A FAKE NUMBER I convinced myself.

And then a cute lady walked up to me and said, "Courtney?"

And I said, "Yes?" hopefully, like maybe Trudy really did exist.

And she said, "You sound just like your vlogs."

And behold! It was Trudy! And behind her was Deloy!

 photo 39E0E260-2B22-4047-A385-A962ED836CE1-4284-00000214208FD425_zpsa3a1faa5.jpg

The film was hilarious and it was fun to watch our old friend and director Jerusha take Q & A like a pro at a press release, but the best part of my entire Sundance experience was hearing the stories behind Trudy and Deloy's life of 33 years in marriage and before. We laughed about funny children and cried about the deaths of parents and shared buttery popcorn Trudy made at home and stealthily stashed into the theater.

I made new friends. That was my Sundance experience.
 photo A868B524-D391-44A0-BCBE-469FD85C6C96-4284-000002142276E8CC_zpsdeba75f5.jpg

Thanks Trudy, Deloy and Jerusha, all of you.
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