Don't Marry A Jerk

Attention Utah Readers!

In the process of writing my life story I've heard from concerned women in dating relationships. I've been asked about when to call off an engagement, what to do if you don't feel safe with a boyfriend, or how to recognize signs of a toxic relationship. In light of these emails and concerns, I am helping spread the word about FREE dating classes being offered through USU's Healthy Marriage Initiative grant and The course focuses on healthy dating patterns and is open to all single adults 18 or older. Essentially their goal is to help reduce divorce by providing education and information about relationships and partner selection. As they say, "The core of this course revolves around keeping your head and heart in balance."

See here for classes.  And please pass this info along IF YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE!
Also, go back in time, find my 19 year old self and make me go, please.

Here's a great little commercial promoting their FREE classes:
(Why don't you get a shake while you're at it?)

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