St. Louis Finale in the Garden

The grand finale of our trip happened in the belly of the Missouri Botanical Gardens at their Chinese Lantern Festival. Stephanie and Lottie joined us as we discovered the garden in the night. Colored lanterns and a garden full of excited fireflies. Pretty spectacular St. Louis.

They need a series of these shots, these two, called "Ever on Daddy's Shoulders":

(they're off to a great collection):

(She makes us show her the picture above once a day, "OH! SISSY AND PANDAS!" she says when her eyes behold the glory of a grove of  glowing panda bears. For a lover so thrilled at her view, you'd think she'd have a little dazzle in her face instead of looking like a child being strictly reprimanded.)

When the ceramic animated dragons opened their mouths and spewed puffs of swirling smoke we declared we had seen it all and headed home.

The best part of our trip of course was being with our beloved Umi and Grandpa and each other:

Umi with #40 and #41

I believe my dad is the only LDS Mission President in the whole church who took his dog (Nan) with him on his mission. Brothers and Sisters, I give you my dad.

And Missouri? Man you're gorgeous:

Did you know that as Mormons we believe that the Garden of Eden was in the same area as the state of Missouri?

"Latter-day Saints know, through modern revelation, that the Garden of Eden was on the North American continent and that Adam and Eve began their conquest of the earth in the upper part of what is now the state of Missouri. It seems very probable that the children of our first earthly parents moved down along the fertile, pleasant lands of the Mississippi valley." (John A. Widtsoe, Evidences and Reconciliations, three volumes in one, Salt Lake City: Bookcraft 1960, p. 127)

 Did you also know it was legal to shoot a Mormon in Missouri until 1976?

No hard feelings Mo.

I feel moved to give my travel partner of eternity a nod, thanks Chup for your selflessness:

Lastly, Anson and I put together a tune--believe me it's no GANGSTA SIGNS--a tune dedicated to St. Louis, or St. Woois whatever you prefer.

Anson's gangsta diction does my heart good. He needs a proper stage name:

This now ends the travelogue. Thank you for following along. Take yourself out to lunch now.

*all pics from Chup's Instagram account: Christ8pher

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