June 28, 2012

Home again. This trip, was a turning point in my life. (Allow me some dramatics.) There is an essay I hope to write and publish someday about this trip. An essay about women and bodies and motherhood and nature and love.

But for now, two things this road trip taught me:

there are only two choices, to be selfish or generous


I wish for my children to be generous, always, but if I can hope for one more attribute to send along it's to see the poetry of life. To see it in the hills, rocks, relationships, adventures, trails, birds, cows, horses, flies, streams, creeks, sky scrapers and wide open skies as stories to be written. More on all of this some other time.

Until then, pictures:

Actually, I learned one more thing: bras on trips like these are unnecessary. I didn't wear a bra the entire time. BURN IT.

A very genuine thank you to Steve, Suze, Emily, Jay and Maggie for letting us stay at Chez Clark dans Coral Canyon. And a special thanks to Maggie for the long way home!

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