The Day I Met Peter Breinholt


That's the next part of my story.

And one of the things about college in Provo is the dynamics of live music. We've always loved our musicians in this town and for me, that all started with Peter Breinholt. My friends and I followed him from show to show like Bieber fans on youtube.

And today I met him for the first time. It was like I had popcorn in my veins. Peter is playing at our first Rooftop Concerts this Friday May 4th. He's bringing with him a full band, plus strings, some guests performers and his feel-good vibe.

I was really star struck. In fact, my interview was a little too awkward to be included in this piece, so instead Peter played for us. If you can't come for the concert on Friday, let me offer you this.

Plus, my friend Ryan Innes let me sing with him, which was nothing but indulgent, really. Hopefully his voice triumphs over the GLORY OF MY OWN.

If sexy had a voice it would sound like Ryan Innes. Golden. And he's opening for Peter.
(And Faith Johnson is opening for Ryan, and she's another phenom.)


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