Friday, May 4, 2012

Best Blogging Week Ever: Chup's Existence

For our vlog this week I asked (on Facebook and Twitter) what you wanted to hear (wasn't that kind? shoot) and a lot of you asked about Chup.

What does Chup do? All day? Exactly?

Chup is a humble man, when he says he's a dad who stays home, he means he might do any of the following on a daily basis:
washes the laundry
changes diapers
repairs toys, house, vehicles
lawn maintenance
puts the laundry away
scrubs the bathrooms
mops the kitchen floor
fixes lunch/snacks/dinners
coddles Squishy
dresses the children
manages finances
picks up toys
washes the dishes
puts dishes away
answers doors
takes out trash
teaches Anson computer skills
swings Ever around in his arms
gives me massages on needed body parts
voice-over work
service for his church calling
holds meetings for his church calling
part-time construction work with our neighbor
sings to me

I asked him if he'd lactate so I could leave the baby with him more often, but he says he gets a raging headache when his milk comes in, so we took that job off his list.

Mostly, we wake up look over all the work--domestic, parenting and professional--and we work together to accomplish it, sometimes apart, but usually side-by-side because that's what we've chosen to do.

(I don't know why we didn't explain it that well in the vlog, too much singing, I guess.)

See you tonight homies:


Rach said...

Ha. Love.

To use another internetism, I lolled.

Butternutsage said...

I LOVE your flowers Courtney..thanks for shairng!!! Hugs ~Donna from massachusetts

Butternutsage said...

oh my goodness!!!!! You surprised me so BIG I thanked you before I watched the whole video! WOW you two are so kind, and it's even my birthday too!!!! What a sweet present! I love you!~Donna

Townhouse Towny said...

You never owe anyone an explanation as to why you run your family the way you do!

I was one of the twits (ha, twitter) who asked what Chup's up to lately only because frankly, dude's cool. Robot repair, acting, gadgets, dadding, he's got it goin on. Just checking in on him. I have a real life friend who reminds me very much of Chup (even in his profession!) when really, shouldn't it be the other way around??

downj said...

There were questions on your FB page asking how you keep your marriage strong. I think you answered them here. You clearly put your family in front of money. The amount of time you spend together has to keep you close and connected. You guys are so blessed! I love your lifestyle. I wish I had the set up you guys have. I stay at home with four kids and have a husband that works sixty hours a week, while we don't worry about money, I worry about my sanity. Is it worth it? Probably not but I have never considered doing what you guys do. I, however have to be careful not to complain because there are so many moms that stay at home, with hard working husbands who are also worried about money. I just am in awe of your good fortune and priorities.

downj said...

Sorry about my poor use of commas. In a hurry and just wanted to give you a cheer.

Transplanted Italian said...

First of all...this is great. I really like you guys, how you work together. I love how you strive to accomplish that goal of unity in your family. I love is your courage. You BOTH are inspiring and brave. To me it is like your last birth had a feeling in your heart, a desire, a wish, you explored it, brought to the Lord, did all your part. You are doing the same thing in your life. The workforce that keeps husbands out of the house FOREVER is to me almost a conspiracy to destroy family unity and marital unity. (I think about this a lot as my husband is going through Grad school). What you are doing inspires us (we watched the video together...we share everything, even our love for this blog). Is what you are doing easy and common? NO. Do people probably misunderstand you or judge you? YES. But again, that doesn't matter because you are doing what the right thing is for your family. I LOVE this attitude. I can honestly say I love you guys!
I wish you all the happiness imaginable.

your Italian friend

Tracee said...

live streaming tonight? I need to figure that one out...

Vesuvius At Home said...

Next time my husband's all like, Why'd you use our week's grocery money on Etsy??? I'm just gonna be like: FEARLESS HEART, HIPSTER. Thanks, Courtney!

Justin Hackworth said...

Yep. Hilarious.

Amy said...

Love these Vlogs you do. Especially the ones with Chup. You two are adorable together.

Amy in BC

rachel kirk peterson said...

i love chup. you can tell he is one-in-a-million.

Jessica said...

That's my dream life, right there -- my hubby and I both working from home, dividing up all the work that goes into making our family function and thrive, day by day. He's an artist and he tells me I'm a writer. We're working on something together that keeps getting pushed aside and pushed aside. This post inspires me to make it a bigger priority.

Heidi said...

Births babies.

lecx5 said...

You had me at Steve Earle.
Hurrah for witty husbands who multi-task. Hurrah for women who embrace sarcasm and mothering.

tana50 said...

You two!!! Need to have!!! A talk show!!! You both have allot of screen presence and your on screen chemistry is terriffic. Now most husbands and wives don't have screen chemistry. It is very rare and when it shows up like it does for you two, it is like fireworks. Make an audition tape and send it wherever you send those things. I will watch!! I am looking forward. You guys are cool, funny, and comfortable. Do It! Do It! Do It!

Mary P said...

So fun. Now I gotta ask (maybe you've answered this already), how much of this do you guys plan ahead of time? I know not all of it, but I'm curious.

Great job. I agree with others, it's great to see you two together. Love it.

Tracee said...

HELP! Live Streaming...where?

The Yarn Barn said...

you guys crack me up, love you both, so funny! I would love to know all the movies your hubby has been in, can you email me maybe?(brandiyarn1 at I have only seen him in 2 but loved him in them. I can't wait for the day that my hubby will be home with me and our family full time, always been a dream of our.You guys are AWESOME! Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

You two ROCK my world!
Thank you for all you do for the Rooftop concert series too. Such a commitment and selfless service, no matter how you come out on top at the end of the night.

Holly Bierly Young said...

I love that 30 years from now, your kids will have this blog to come back to and watch and just crack up over. :) Always a pleasure!!!!

amanda said...

Chup has a boomtastic voice. I miss your videos!

Trista said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE a good vlog! Lol they are always fun. Thanks

Ashley said...

It may seem funny to hear, but you guys seriously are living the dream.

Finances are a pain in the butt whether you have $20,000 or 20 million but to have the common goal of placing your family first, combined with humor and is what a lot of people dream about.

Chup is an evolved guy who could teach a lot of husbands a thing or two about what it means to be a "real man". He gets what a lot of us women, who have put our careers on hold to be excellent mothers, are going through in terms of being so fulfilled in one area of life (parenting), whilst being internally conflicted about the yet-to-be-realized personal goals coming to fruition.

Hang in there Chup. They are little for just a short period of time, and then the stage of life will be all yours for the taking.

Best to you both!

Vegan Momma said...

I think this may be my favorite vlog!!! I loved hearing all about your day-to-day and learning more about how you and Chup make it work for you and your family and your marriage.

I too have dreams of the stage, only mine are screenwriting. I am registering for my first screenwriting class at UW extension this summer and am so excited to finally do this!! Maybe someone will pick it up and I will negociate casting Chup :)

I love you and your family so much!


Natalie said...

It's funny that others were wondering about Chup too! When we were in SLC a few weeks ago, we saw "Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration" at The Legacy Theater, and I thought I saw him in that movie. Was he? It's not listed as such on imdb... and it's been on my brain and bugging me! (BTW, I'm so glad you brought back your comments on your blog! I was going to email you or something, but felt like a nerd about it. haha!) Anyway! Each time you do these series of concerts, I wish more and more that we lived in Provo. :( AZ is lame, and getting hotter every day. boo.

Natalie said...

Oh, and one of his movies is free to watch on IMDB... I started watching it, but he's kind of a bad guy in that one so I paused it. haha! I'd rather see him as fun and adorable as he is in vlogs with you. :)

Just a thought... said...

When I was watching your blog this week I was trying to figure out what was up with Chup? Did his hair look longer and darker? His face did look thinner and younger. What was the deal? Then it hit me ...he shaved off his beard. Wow! Looking good Chup!!!

Lee-Ann said...

Great vlog! I love how you guys work together, so great. :)

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Seriously, you guys are MFEO.


My perspective of Chup?

I thought he WAS still doing the starving actor thing this whole time! Except I figured he must be making some moderately successful salary by this time doing small TV gigs like that thing on "I shouldn't be Alive" I figured that allowed him to be home a quite a bit of the time, and then away working the rest of the time, but not too much.

No idea you ever did corporate.

Still not exactly sure what you're doing now.

Grateful you live in a place where the cost of living is fairly low so you have a bigger leeway and more flexibility financially!

Been looking at moving to Provo to be near friends for the last 6 months or so, and the financial aspect of getting out of California would be a relief!

Seriously, you two, MFEO.


Marcus Lane said...

The concert was so fun! I haven't heard Peter Brienholt and Nancy Hansen together since I was in high school, loved it! Oh and the full moon was amazing too. Can't wait until next month, we will be there.

Sandy said...

Oh, cjane and chup, you are so cute! I was staring for awhile at Chup thinking....what is different?? He is clean shaven....I like both ways though. A sweet vlog....thank you both!