Best Blogging Week Ever: Chup's Existence

For our vlog this week I asked (on Facebook and Twitter) what you wanted to hear (wasn't that kind? shoot) and a lot of you asked about Chup.

What does Chup do? All day? Exactly?

Chup is a humble man, when he says he's a dad who stays home, he means he might do any of the following on a daily basis:
washes the laundry
changes diapers
repairs toys, house, vehicles
lawn maintenance
puts the laundry away
scrubs the bathrooms
mops the kitchen floor
fixes lunch/snacks/dinners
coddles Squishy
dresses the children
manages finances
picks up toys
washes the dishes
puts dishes away
answers doors
takes out trash
teaches Anson computer skills
swings Ever around in his arms
gives me massages on needed body parts
voice-over work
service for his church calling
holds meetings for his church calling
part-time construction work with our neighbor
sings to me

I asked him if he'd lactate so I could leave the baby with him more often, but he says he gets a raging headache when his milk comes in, so we took that job off his list.

Mostly, we wake up look over all the work--domestic, parenting and professional--and we work together to accomplish it, sometimes apart, but usually side-by-side because that's what we've chosen to do.

(I don't know why we didn't explain it that well in the vlog, too much singing, I guess.)

See you tonight homies:

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