Spring's Break

After writing yesterday's post I turned to Chup and said, "I haven't left our house since last August," which is partly true. I've gotten out of my house, but only for a couple outings here and there, groceries stores and a few concerts, but I haven't left my house for a new atmosphere, new air, new vistas.

No wonder I feel crazy bones.

So we're headed out to sun chase for awhile. Off to fill our canteen of desert. It's how I best recharge.

We'll return home this weekend for Bijou Market (see below), visit from the in laws, Ever's birthday and as always, CHURCH Y'ALL.

Then on Monday I'll be back,writing the beginning of the hard times, the stories I haven't really told very many people, the episodes of me trying to figure out what me is.

Nothing like a good desert sun to summon up the courage to write honestly.

In Ever's words, "Okay bye-bye."

What is this post all about you might ask? I'm writing my life story. You can start here.

And looky!

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