My Life Story: The Early History of My Body

My mother wrote my baby book as if it were me. About my body she wrote:

At birth, "I have a round face, round body, blue eyes, light hair. I'm a good nurser and I'm getting fat on Mommy's good milk."

Few months old, "I have colic or something. I cry all the time! Especially in the evening. Mom and Dad have to turn on the hair dryer to make noise so I can fall asleep. I am Mom's first 'naughty' baby."

At two, "When I turned two I got real chubby. I love bread, sweets and all things that make me fat!"

At three, "One side of my face has weaker muscles than the other side but other than that and my fatty body I am perfect!"

At four, "I have been a healthy girl this year, Mom says my only problem now is my weight!"

At five, "Well, my weight has come down, but my face is still round. I am healthy girl and I never get sick."

At six, "I'm a picky eater but I'm getting better. I'm still chubby in the face but I am slimming down everywhere else. I LOVE TO EAT!"

At seven, "Mom is telling me to watch my diet. I really like fattening foods and I don't like meat."

At eight, "I'm losing my baby fat."

At ten, "I'm on my way to becoming a young lady! I am a real sweet tooth and always look forward to good things to eat."

Growing up my brothers called me Tubby. I assumed it was after my love of tub time (it was NOT because I loved tub time). My aunts and uncles called me Tooney due to my uncanny resemblance of Petunia Pig.

My mother recorded my weight yearly.

I just checked childhood growth charts for weight to see how fat I really was.

I was always within a few pounds of average.

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