Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Press Onward

With Mitt's impending placement on the GOP throne, I am getting my fair share of press questionings. Oh man, do I hate reading articles I've given interviews for, it's like hearing the sound of your own voice, a foreign, odd experience demanding,
Do I really sound like that?
A few weeks ago, in a correspondence with Jordan (Oh Happy Day) about how our little sound bites can turn into messy mouthfuls of misconstrued mentionings, I vowed never to talk to the press again,
"The longer I do this the more I think not talking to the media is a good idea. I always sound like a moron. And maybe it's because I am? Probably because I am,"
I wrote.
But what does an opinionated, eternal-attention-starved middle-child, do when her beloved religion is center court and she's got the ball? Maybe not the ball, but a ball, or, balls (I suppose) enough to take a phone call from the reporter in New York from Buzzfeed or answer the email from Religion Dispatches?
Then, when the article arrives like a loud whistle on web, there's the reaction! The drama! The scathing comments! The postulation! The ridicule from PEOPLE I KNOW IN REAL LIFE on the spaces meant for discussion of the masses. And the part where I run into a guy downtown who says to me,
"I was in a hotel room reading a really artsy magazine and there was a picture of you in a dress, with your arms out. It was a good article, I can't remember the magazine."
(This one perhaps?)
I just can't quit the press. It might be the best thing for the overall health of me (and my family) to stop returning inquiries, but it plays to the part of me who hopes for perfection, who wants to someday hear/read her own voice and think,
I like the sound of that.

One of the interviews I gave last week was for Meredith Blake from The Daily. I just want to clarify three things. (I always do everything in threes, it's a weird tendency, but it keeps me from yelling at my children SO LET ME JUST DO IT.)

1. The term "Bloggernaccle" is misused in this article. The Bloggernaccle is a group (or choir, so to speak) of Mormon-written blogs discussing and debating the doctrine, history, current events and ideas of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's all Mormon, all the time. There aren't posts about the sensuality hair loss or vlogs with Whitney. We went to battle on this here and here. It's also a place for my people's best writers and thinkers and I'm honored that someone would think my blog could belong to it, but alas, it doesn't.

2. It must be said time and time again, I didn't take over my sister's blog when she was in an airplane crash. I wrote about my experiences with it on my own blog. Writing/blogging was an important coping mechanism for me during that time. But I didn't touch her blog much, except to repost some of her old content for readers who were just being introduced to her blog/readers who missed her postings.

3. I love being quoted alongside Nat and it's happening with greater frequency these days. I think of the conglomerate of bloggers named in the Salon article about Mormon Mommy Bloggers, (the source from which much of this press originated) Nat and I represent the writers.We should have our own wire service--me and Nat taking calls, answering emails, taking no press-oners.


Get it?


Catherine Dabels said...
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Creole Wisdom said...

When that whole incident with Jordan happened I e-mailed a bit with her. I thought the best thing she could do would be to address her misrepresentation on her own forum. She decided not to, and of course that was her choice. If that happened to me, I would of made a point to correct it on my blog, like you are doing here.

I guess I have to wonder who is checking facts at these publications. I work for a magazine and fact checking is just as important as the actual writing. It's not alright that details are messed up.

I do understand writers having an agenda, which some have.

I'd be interested to see if the media will ever focus on some of the "non-traditional" LDS women bloggers. People who aren't moms, like Mara from "A Blog About Love" and "No Sex in the City." I'd like to see that.

Jerusha said...

This is a toughie. Especially because a non-Mormon (like myself) wouldn't necessarily know the specifics of words like "bloggernacle" and perhaps that was Meredith's case. As a journalist I can understand why wrote the way she did; we're slaves to our readers and editors one way or another.

Still, when it's your life and yourstory, I know the details become important. I wouldn't like being misrepresented.

Perhaps be consoled in the fact that we all find you interesting and wonderful - and just want to know a little more. Even though we sometimes get it wrong.

Just Us said...
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c. A. Conrad said...
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Katamaran said...

I take everything I read with a grain of salt. We only know a small sliver of you, and other bloggers we "meet". It's not my position to judge, especially based on what the media writes (sadly they cannot be trusted with the facts, they have a NEED to make things more interesting). I dearly enjoy YOU and YOUR blog. I count myself as one of your dedicated "fans". Cheers!

alanna said...

For what it's worth, I think you're handling everything beautifully.

Carolyn said...

Don't sweat it so much--there really is no such thing as bad press right? And, most people don't think very deeply about that sutff because there is SO MUCH OUT THERE. I mean, I enjoy your blog, but after I read it I move on to lots of other things throughout the day--and one more thought--have faith in people--most people are fairly intelligent and most know that the media is not always right. Relax!

Tracie said...

I appreciate your blog for what it is and hope you keep marching on, letting us enjoy the view from where we sit. I enjoy your LDS voice because it's different than my own. Much of it resonates with me and so I keep coming back. Thank you! Onward and upward!

Fresh Hell, Texas said...

I was interviewed at a pro-gay rights rally here in my very conservative city. I could not believe A)how my voice sounded, B)how I looked and C)what I said. They edited it fairly well but still...it was an odd experience.

But my feeling was, and still is, that I have to speak my mind and I hope you continue to do so as well!

likeschocolate said...

Did you see the piece in the New York times on the make over of the funeral potatoes and why their are so many mormon food bloggers. I wish I had the link to attach for you. It was a fun piece. Just keep being you.

Wan Family said...

You and your family seem like so much fun to be around. I love your honesty on your blog. I have no guilt when I read your blog, I only have a desire to see the funny things about my own daily experiences.

Hannah Mudge said...

Try not to worry about it too much. And when you do feel you've been misrepresented or your words have been twisted, call them out on it or explain that your point of view may actually be slightly different. There will often be an agenda that's different to your agenda, and you have to watch how you're represented in that respect. I have several friends who have had to do the same.

But at the end of the day, remember how fortunate you are to be getting the opportunity to get your voice out there :)

Laurenkri said...

If you and Nat had your own wire service I would probably call multiple times a day pretending to interview you guys because sometimes I just need more of your wit and observations. Plus it would be really fun coming up with different online magazine/forum/blog names and personas to convince you I was a different person.

"Hi this is Trudy from All Things Babylicious! Our readers want to know, at Huck and Erin's arranged marriage which muumuu do you plan to wear? And will You've Got Mail be shown at their reception?"

Seriously, wire service. Do it.