family update: erin

sometimes i think it was a dream
i had erin.

she came so fast to us
right after ever was born

and i feel so much differently
about motherhood now
i can't believe
i don't feel
like i used to.

she's so good
and sweet
barely cries
or irritates.

her skin is like
pebbles smoothed by
the ocean's currents
and i could kiss
her face all day long.

and already starting
to flip over
and sleep
through the night.

she's making me want more babies
is what she's doing.

she is dreamy.

question: i find it fascinating when a child's behavior lands outside of the "normal range" in the childhood timetable. kids who walk early, talk incredibly late, crawl at five months or at nine. the outlayers-- they are doing it in their own time, thankyouverymuch. you know of what i am talking about?

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