Countdown Day Four!

Lucy and I went to the Imagine Dragons concert last night at Velour. The crowd was stuffed into this hot, steamy dance space with billows of fog and flashes of light. Luce and I found places in the back with leverage enough to see the stage but we were entranced by the crowd in front of us. They were moving like a wild ocean, all together back and forth back and forth up and down pulsating together, hot and loose.

"Don't you want to be in there?" Lucy asked me.

I have been there. Life afforded me those seats many times, front row, middle section, hands in the air, hair limp with sweat. I've felt the mesmerizing movements of bodies dancing to the same beat, singing along with all the spirit inside. I know the fight of claustrophobia, the courage to vanish all personal space boundaries, the romance of strangers-made-intimate, the joy of disappearing into a huge sea of sound and touch, all of it.

And yes, I want to be there. All the time. So I think, if I am good, if I say my prayers and help my neighbor and love my babies someday I'll die and go to heaven.

And everyone knows, heaven is a rock concert. 

Thanks for your generosity Velour.
Thanks Imagine Dragons for a great show.
p.s. this was my favorite song from last night, Demons:

 p.s.s. and this was Lucy's, On Top of the World:
On Top of the World

4 more days until I start writing my memoir on this blog.

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