Sunday, February 26, 2012

#WhileIWasNursing Day 2

My Ever:

Emily's Hayes:

Carla's Dog:

Rachel's Don't Nurse While Baking and Nest Making:


With the birth of my fourth child his older sister had a rough time. She felt completely misplaced and she was usually feeling her worst while I was feeding the baby. So, to try and distract her, I began making my feet talk to her. She thought this was awesome and soon adopted them as her babies. She named them the Meemos and would take care of them while I nursed the baby. Here she is giving them a hug and here she is feeding the Meemos. We played this game for a good 6 months!!

Kara's Kitty:


Aiketa said...

The last picture is hilarious, Kara, pretending to be nursing!!! hahaha

Meghan said...

The last pic is precious!

Keya said...

I love that last picture, future mommy.

Alex and Andrew Sorensen said...

These are hilarious! ha I love it.

Jamie Martin said...

I just have to thank you!!! I only wish this post had debuted when I was nursing MY 3rd! It would have made me feel so much better! LOVED IT!!!

e. said...

The little boy with the bowl on the bed made me laugh right out loud. He looks like he's in a sugar coma, wondering what he just did to himself. Been there, buddy, been there.

Jennifer Bowman said...

love all of these!

i have had very similar experiences with many of these pictures! haha