Provo Flavor: The Folka Dots (TONIGHT AT VELOUR !!!)

We're just stretching and yawning from our long winter's Rooftop Concert Series nap, rubbing our eyes and tuning our ears. Which is to say, we're starting to put together our 2012 series and I think putting The Folka Dots on our stage would be an exceptional call.

They sent me their album, Down Below and we've listened to it every day since. It reminds me of the Lower Lights, Sarah Sample, Hank Williams, Lucinda Williams and sometimes a female-scented Mumford and Sons. I don't want to be bossy, but buy it.

Here they are on Radio West with the sexy Douglas Fabrizio:

The Folka Dots are originally from SLC, but they've set their sights on the Provo music scene. In fact, TONIGHT THEY ARE PLAYING AT VELOUR! 

I welcome them--and their fiddles--with my well-rested arms wide open.

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