Provo Flavor: Febuary is for (Treat) Lovers

February with its devotion to romanticizing the senses, always reminds me (late afternoonish) to head to the Provo Bakery for pink-frosted, heart-sprinkled sugar cookies.
I let The Chief have three in one sitting the other day. Does that make me The Most Fun Mom in All the World?

This week Susan brought me over a celebratory box of cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean Cafe. I had a very good conversation with the grasshopper cupcake which went like this:
Me: I love you, you rich devil.
Grasshopper cupake: EAT ME!
Me: I will, I'm just taking my time to enjoy every last bite of you.
Grasshopper cupcake: there's more where I come from!

Soft chocolate cake, smeary chocolate fondant, whipped mint frosting.
By-the-way, Susan dropped these by on what was supposed to be the last day of me writing my book. My book isn't done, but that didn't stop me from celebrating anyway....
Of course, I never tire talking about the tarts from Eliane French Bakery. Strawberry, pear, mixed fruit. So sweet and kind. It helps to know a bit of French when you go there, but pointing to the case of tarts and saying, "Voila!" will do.

Writing this post just inspired my next Deseret News column, entitled, Where to Get the Best Treats in Provo. Chills! It's going to be blockbuster! Or viral! Or whatever we are calling it these days.

Speaking of my column, I recently wrote about how Provo is re-branding and no one hired me to do the job. Instead I was forced to come up with my own ideas and published them in the Deseret News. You can read that article here.

Of course, after he read my suggestions, the mayor texted me (yes, I'm the Batman of this community) to say I was right all along:
Very very funny. You're too good.
Now they know they should've hired me.
Pay me in PB sugar cookies, I don't mind.

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