Sunday, February 19, 2012

Making A Snowman In February


Karenkool said...

Nice hat.

likeschocolate said...

I agree the red tin tub is a fantastic hat choice!

Unknown said...

Such a cute snowman!

Clara Turbay said...

Fun and versatile!

Heather Johnson-Family Volley said...

I love the hat also. It looks familiar. :)

nasagreen said...

Can you post how you get the pictures to focus that way? Is it post processing??? I feel so DAFT!

Rachel-SuperMom said...

That is some great camera work!

Aiketa said...

Courtney, it's incredible how your kids are growing... First I thought that the pic where there is The Chief and Ever with the Snowman, I thought that The Chief was some older friend/cousin and Ever was actually The Chief. But then I realized that that older friend/cousin was actually The Chief and that your kids are growing! hahaha

Silly and confusing comment, I know.

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