It Doesn't Take Much These Days

Due to Ever's waltz with a stomach flu and Erin's littleness I haven't been out much lately. This morning when the baby fell back asleep in Chup's bouncing arms I took The Chief and Ever for a walk. We found a robotic snowman dressed in dirty snow. Someone had shoved a plastic Spiderman guy inside the snowman's chest, just about where his icy heart would go. The Chief couldn't get over it.
"Why would someone put a Spiderman guy in the snowman's heart?" he asked me over and over.
I was highly amused by this situation and I giggled about it all the way home.
When I tried to explain it to Chup,
"...a Spiderman guy stuffed right into the snowman's chest! Hah! His legs just dangling out!"
he looked at me like I was done. Coo Koo. Loco. Loopy.
He's been looking at me a lot like that lately.
On Sunday we were talking at the dinner table about a lively family in our neighborhood, the Whipples (five boys!) when I remembered an interesting fact about Sister Whipple,
"She's from St. Louis, you know," referring to the fact that my parents live there as church missionaries.
"I didn't know,"said Chup "and so where did she meet the Whipplesnapper?"
Then he sorta did a "ha!" like, that was pretty good.
This struck me as unbelievably funny. I started a chuckle which forced its way into a hearty laugh which propelled its way up into howling until I was shrieking. Shrieking and pounding the table with my fists. Then I started to lose lung capacity which brought on choking until I couldn't breathe. When I caught my breath I was in such comical hysterics I was crying. (Luckily I was sitting down or bladder would've caved to this psychosomatic reaction I was having.) The kids thought I was dying. I thought I was dying. But Chup just looked at me like I was nuts.
After about five minutes of me acting like a rabid chimpanzee I calmed down, though any time I merely thought of Chup's face slightly proud at his silly joke ("ha!") I'd blurt out chortling. My stomach hurt like I had done a thousand ab crunchers. It's not just a saying--I had nearly laughed my guts out.
I should get out more.

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