Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucy 2012

When His Excellency, Lord Mayor of Provo John Curtis invited me to be his royal guest at the Mayor's Concert Series in downtown Provo this month I knew there was one person I wanted to bring with me: Lucy. Slated to perform were the unstoppable, gospel-growling, four-part harmony slinging OAKRIDGE BOYS.
We took our seats only seconds before the concert began, this wasn't Lucy's fault, she's promptly prompt. For every minute I am late, Lucy is early.
When the lights went dark and an inexplicable synth beat surrounded our ears with a deep echoing of,
"THE BOYS ARE BACK...back...back" we looked at one another and totally relented to the situation. It's not as though we are avid Oakridge Boys fans, but here we were, surrounded by concourses of senior citizens in cowboy hats preparing to watch four former country stars stiffly animate the stage for two hours.
So we gave into it.
We danced, we sang along, we WHOOPed, we whistled, we clapped to the beat and cheered after each performance.
We were pretty much the only ones doing as such.
At one point we were laughing so intensely there was not enough oxygen in the room to save us.
"You are going to be sitting in church one day, and you'll think about us at this concert and you will be uncontrollable," she said to me as I was puffing for air.
When "the boys" ended the evening by rolling out their finest tune, Elvira, we stood up to show our appreciation for the experience. (I am still not sure exactly what the experience was . . .) Several audience members had the inspiration to come over and tell us that we were the best part of the show.
Stop it. Of course we were.
Lucy and I are the best part of any show. That's how we work.
We ended the evening up the street at Sammy's where I made Lucy buy me a shake.
"Thanks for getting me out of the house," she said to me sharing her fries.
Enjoyment is the top of Lucy's list, she likes to get out, be entertained, have fun and have lots of it. We are different this way, I like to stay inside mostly. But this is what Lucy does for me, she invites me to remember I'm here to have joy.

A couple days after the concert Lucy called to say her good friend CJ had been severely injured in an accident. She was so sad, as was Andrew, who considered CJ his best friend. The next day she called again to say CJ had passed away. We talked for awhile about all the good times they had together, which reminded me again, life is terribly short and strangely unpredictable.

And that's why it's nice to have a Lucy around.

*photo Justin Hackworth

Did you see Kacy?


Sandy said...

All of you sisters are so dang cute! Happy Birthday, Lucy!
Btw...this almost appears like stalking, but again, when I want a good, sweet laugh I watch Aug. 4, 2011 vlog! It happened again last evening. Thank you so much. Hugs from Ohio

Teresa said...

that's Mow Mow, not Wow Wow. they were hot back in the day, believe it or not. for a country band. but i have never seen such a room full of stiffs in my life. glad you two had fun. happy birthday lucy!

Catherine said...

Ah....the sounds of my husband's childhood (and occasionally my Saturday mornings when he gets to feeling nostalgic). I think I won't show him the video though. It might be too depressing.

Seth and Natalie said...

Dukes of Hazzard was my husband's favorite show as a kid (nothing to do with Daisy, I'm sure) and the Oakridge Boys performed on that show. How times have changed. I can't believe no one was excited about Elvira!

Unknown said...

The Oak Ridge Boys were the very first concert I went to at the Salt Palace when I was 13 years old. Many, many years ago.
I am glad you and Lucy knew how to have fun at the concert.:)
Happy Birthday to Lucy.

Reenie said... girls are too cute!

Happy Birthday Lucy =)

Creole Wisdom said...

The little boy in front of you barely tapping his hand is cracking me up!!!!

kam said...

Oh Brother!!!! I know I shouldn't- but I LOVE the Oakridge Boys! When I was just a young'n my best friend and I would BLARE this song out her kitchen window into the backyard while we stomped around in her 2 dollar inflatable smurf pool (the best part of our performance being the chorus of course) "Giddy up, oom poppa, omm poppa, mow mow". Now there's a memory. . My girls laughed their heads off when I shared that story. I guess nostalgia is hilarious to this generation. Thanks for sharing this, C.Jane- and happy birthday to your sister! :)

Kalli said...

You know my Connie dated and Oakridge Boy once. THE SCANDAL. And I'm going to see Papa Bees today because I lost a diamond out of my eternity band, the luck.

So sorry to hear of their friend. So young...