So things aren't going well. In fact, not well at all.
With the book I mean.

In the time I have allotted to write, I have used to it to stare at a blinking cursor on an empty Word document, day-dream about remodeling my house and spend shameful amounts of time social networking.

This has led to a fueling of stress into myself. I grind my teeth at night and find no relief in the arms of my usual lover: lemon-induced Coke.

But yesterday as I was contemplating my impending deadline at the end of this month I asked myself, "Who am I writing this for?"

Me? My family? My posterity?

But my answer didn't seem right until I thought about you. Yes, you. You the reader of this blog. I want to write this book for you. I want to write a book dedicated to those who log on and follow and encourage me through this self-determined Life On Display. No matter if you've been visiting since 2005 or 2011 or yesterday, you are my muse.

So, I suppose this begs the question(s): what do you want to hear? What can I write for you? What would you like to know or feel or see? What can I explore and report? Tell me, tell me all.

For ease of feedback, I've opened up comments on my blog. You'll find a link to the comment section under this post.

You can also find me on facebook here, or DM at Courtney Clark Kendrick.

Twitter? Here. Or DM there too.

Also, old fashioned email is an option: cjanemail @ gmail .com (do not copy and paste that address, it's infused with spambot spaces).

I'd also give you my phone number but, you see, whenever I get on the phone my children plot murderous scenarios involving my plants and carry them out if I'm not careful.

I hope you'll understand I may not be able to reply, but please know I will appreciate any suggestions you have to send my way. I promise to take whatever you have to say with serious intent.

Thank you. You are so beautiful, no wonder I want to write a book for you.

this month I've decided to write a book while simultaneously breastfeeding my baby and battling the postpartum blues. should be a blast. stay tuned.

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