the exploration of the free spirit

because i've taken upon the challenge
to write a book this month
chup and i have resorted to the one
thing we avoid like a mortal enemy:
a schedule.

each hour is designated as a workspace
each day has an ample to do list
we're dedicated to accomplishing
the work.

with my time allotted out
and not much for wiggle room
i am surprised to find how much more
i get done in a day.

yesterday i wrote,
i cooked
i worked
i cleaned
i fed the baby
i napped
i read books to the children
and just before sunset
we hiked the dusty
shoreline trail.

it makes me wonder
if having a schedule gives me
so much more time,
will my second mortal enemy
(a budget)
give me

thanks Page and dog Dixie for the beautiful evening on the trail.

this month I've decided to write a book while simultaneously breastfeeding my baby and battling the postpartum blues. should be a blast. will i get it done?
stay tuned . . .

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